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About Us

On the corner in the heart of Arab Caracas, Colombia to be more specific is the name of the street in Catia, Caracas is a corner of the Middle East, where all the Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Palestinians and Venezuelans gather to taste the typical Arabic dishes of the middle east and goods in the small and traditional restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops that despite the remain insecure sector for over forty years.

Mounir Redwan was the first one to open "Al Furn Al Arabi" and make Pita bread in Caracas Venezuela.
Ghazawa Sleiman, owner of the Sweet shop Flor de Tripoli, says that "this is family business was founded in 1962. Here we all work. My husband and my brothers and we gave him that name because Tripoli is Lebanon's second largest city.

Every Sunday we cook our traditional sweets from Lebanon, "which are the most requested by our customers. The (Znnud el sit), meaning the arms of the lady, is one of the most anticipated sweet.

Kneifa is one of few special sweets that we are famous for in Caracas, Just the smell of it makes you hungry to eat it, even if you are full and you can not eat anymore. you will find an empty corner for it.

rom 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM. We bake (Chaibiat) "These little ball shaped sweets to be eaten hot at the moment and because it is the best thing ever. It just melt in your mouth," says the owner of the bakery.

Every day customers comes from the four corners of the capital to buy these delicious product by the kilos and dozens. Nader Redwan has a sweet tooth and he liked the sweets that Sleiman makes. He asks Sleiman if he will teach him how to make these delicious sweets from scratch. He did and the rest was history, Nader learned all the secrets of making these delicious sweets from the best of Tripoli sweets and pastry makers that Caracas will ever have in its history of sweet making. 

Sunday was a special day for a lot of our customer to a point it becomes a tradition to meet at the bakery for get together and to enjoy all different kind of baking good and sweets.

Pita Factory

Right next to the pastry shop our Pita bakery called "Camel Bakery", which was founded in 1956. "We started in El Tigre, Anzoátegui state, but our dad moved the operation to Catia Caracas.

It was a destination spot where people can have sweets and have a traditional Lebanese breakfast that is consist of "Mankish be Zaatar", or called Oregano Pizza, "Lahm Be Ageen" or called Meat Pie, "Mankish Be Jibna" or Cheese pie, to name a few, and other specialties. Also buy our traditional delicious and outstanding pita bread that we bake fresh daily. We Manufactured and distribute our Arabic Pita Bread to every Middle Eastern restaurant in Caracas for over 50 years until the old man moved to Miami Florida to create what is now Daily Bread bakery in 1974.

Mounir Redwan sold the Daily Bread bakery and went go back to Caracas Venezuela to run his bakery until 2006. His Family was living in US and he was Going back and forth between Miami and Caracas until he get tired and decided to Open Redwan's Bakery  and still carrying his family tradition of making Pita Bread for over 100 years and he will pass it to his Kids to carry the family tradition and makes the Redwan's family name known for making the best Pita Bread in the US and the world.

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